Fill in the blank: I know I'm successful by the way people_______________

Not so easy, is it? You probably have a sense of what most folks think when they say 'she's successful' yet when they say it of you, what do you hope they mean?

It's not just a curiosity; getting a handle on this - your own definition of success - can lift your spirits, direct your actions and increase your strong sense of self. Too often, you might let tv and cultural norms tell you whether you've succeeded or failed, using measures that have no relevance for you! Yet when your own priorities and values guide you, you gain a real sense of achievement and pride; your personal and business environments are a true reflection of you and you know: I'm on the right track!

Want to be able to say that with strong assurance? Want to nudge out the background voice that sometimes tells you you're not following the path you were meant to pursue?

Join Women's Prosperity Network during our April 15th, content-rich workshop (lunch included), "The Woman's Road to Success; Blazing the Path for Your Totally Freakin' Awesome Life!". All details are here.

In addition to great networking with women who are more interested in meeting you than selling you, you'll focus on these 4 key elements during the mastermind:

 ·     What success means to you

·      Cultural programming and gender roles

·      How to break the mold

·      Breaking through your own personal glass ceiling

Intrigued? Register now and we'll save your seat; your advance registration will save you $10 and give you more time to make great connections. Do that here.



P.S. Here's another great reason to attend the April WPN workshop: 'Once again Andrea, you brought together a collection of fabulous ladies to converse with and the afternoon was a great success. Your inspiration leads us all to a state of wonderment of possibilities. I cannot help but get charged up after every meeting we have. Thank you again for all that you do to kick our butts into gear because you know that there is so much more out there for us to grab on to.Mary Martino Register now and I promise you'll discover even more reasons when we see you, April 15!

Sorry guys, this one's for women only so please pass this message to a woman you care about ~ 

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