Zoom Tips/ Guests
Sent to us by Ilene Corina & Mary Redler
  • If people are showing their face, you should show your face.    Turn your camera on!
  • If you are on the phone (not computer), mute yourself.  If the host has to mute you, you will not know it
  • Come on a few minutes early so program / meeting can start on time
  • Keep call in information available in case you get disconnected
  • Keep the camera eye level.  No one wants to look at your forehead or up your nose
  • What is behind you?  A blank wall or simple background is less distracting and less revealing than a messy view
  • Calling in and using computer sound at the same time will cause static and background noise
  • Raise your hand when you want to speak – there is a hand raise button
  • For a large group, do not use up the time on irrelevant information.  There may be a time schedule
  • Look your best from the waist up.  Looking sloppy will make you feel sloppy. 
Tips /Host
  • Take attendance at some point for your records, or ask someone to take attendance for you
  • Have help / support to work controls for groups over 10
  • Encourage the raise hand button
  • A good facilitator will keep a record of who is next and call of list after each speaker
  • Allow for comments after each speaker such as “unless someone wants to comment or respond to XXX,  XXX is next”
  • Remember to record if you want to record but let people know ahead of time

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