The Future of HVAC has arrived and that means 50% less electric.

The Future of Heating and Cooling your Home means a reduced HVAC electric use of 50 to 60%
The Future of HVAC just made a big leap forward. The newest technology and most cost effective HVAC options have been introduced in just the past 6 months. These systems are equipped with true variable speed technology; also know as inverter technology, These systems provide far more efficiency than its single and two-stage compressor alternative. In terms of HVAC, variable speeds in its simplest terms, mean that a condenser is able to adjust its output speed depending on indoor humidity and temperatures. Hardly ever does a system need the equipment running at 100 percent capacity. Just like your car, the transmission works at a variable speed depending on need, variable speed technology provides significant benefits, both in terms of comfort and in savings.
Variable speed compressors work by using an inverter to speed up or slow down the motor according to heating or cooling load. Instead of all the power going directly into a traditional AC compressor (which runs at a fixed speed), the inverter provides the compressor with a specific voltage, essentially saving energy. The motor can then adjust its operating speed depending on the indoor temperature.
In the past, central air systems cooled a home, by running at full capacity. The home then gets to the desired temperature set point and the system will cycle off. You will notice the rise in temperatures and humidity increasing to an uncomfortable point again, which then signals a fixed single stage system to turn back on again. The energy used to start up a single stage system is significantly more than the energy required to run a variable compressor on a continual basis. The new technology does not cycle on and off as often nearly as often as a single stage or two stage system. During light loads a variable speed compressor can run as low as ¼ of the single stage operating speed.
The precision between the compressor output and load also means improved homeowner comfort. A variable speed system does not require the same amount of wear and tear as a traditional system because it has a longer run time. This consistency in operation means the system can keep more precise temperature control (within a tenth of a degree). For regions that experience hot and humid periods, a variable speed system is a great option. As the system runs in air conditioner mode, it pulls humidity out of indoor air at the same time. Additionally, during extremely hot or cold outdoor temperatures (in heat pumps), a variable speed system can provide the extra needed capacity. Unlike a traditional system, a variable speed air conditioning unit can overspeed the compressor, effecting better results for those extreme periods. .
We are representing several of the fastest growing top rated variable speed systems. These start at less than 10% more than a single zone system, meaning the electric saved in the first few seasons will more than pay for the cost difference. For homes needing multiple zones, Daikin ductless systems offer a great alternative, and Daikin has a large assembly plant right here in the USA. In fact the Daikin plant is the 2nd largest assembly plant in the entire country, 2nd only to the Boeing plant in Everett Washington. Daikin is a brand name you will be hearing much more about in the next year.
For more information on this great new technology, please contact Brian Nagle, Sales Manager at True Mechanical Corp, located in Bohemia, NY. Brian can be reached at or 631-563-1298. All consultations are complimentary.

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