Retiring? Keep Contacts! Make New Ones ....Leah Frankel

Retiring? Keep Contacts! Make New Ones ....

One of the biggest concerns post-retirement is thinking about how you will make new friends and connections.  So much of the ‘people-contact’ we experience during our ‘career years’ is a result of the day-to-day interaction with our co-workers.   And, we are concerned about what will happen to those relationships after we leave the workplace.

            I can tell you that I have remained close friends with several of my previous co-workers, and have certainly maintained social media connections with many others.  However, I started the networking process while I was still working, and started to make some extremely valuable and wonderful connections.

 Since I started my new entrepreneurial venture as a Retirement Concierge and Strategist, I have connected with so many terrific people via social media, as well as by attending various events.  My speaking opportunities, as well as my part-time work and volunteer efforts, have also afforded me avenues to meet many new people.

            I can also say that the best way to make new friends and forge new relationships is to meet as many of your new connections face-to-face.  There is no other communication method that works as well as having an ‘in-person’ conversation with a new contact. 

            Without a doubt, I have made more new friendships and contacts during my initial retirement year, than I did while I was working full-time.  And, you can too!

Leah Frankel
Retirement Planning Concierge
(516) 984-7782

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