On Friday, I had a conversation with some women in Florida who were complaining about the weather - down to the mid-50's. And, because I'm heading to Florida next week, I commented that I couldn't wait to enjoy some mid-50's weather after the single digits we've experienced here.

Perspective is an amazing thing; look at the same thing from 2 different sides and more than just your view opens up - the possibilities expand as well.

Women's Prosperity Network does that every month with the mastermind format of our content-rich workshops. What you see your way, another guest will see from her very different perspective. Add the 2 together and you suddenly have a range of possibilities that, on your own, you'd never have created.

Why not share your perspective with us in our new, woman-owned restaurant meeting space, Giovanna's Pizzeria and Restaurant of Medford. This month our workshop topic revolves around using time well; could you use a little of that? Then register here and join us for a great conversation: www.womensprosperitynetwork.com/suffolk

You save $10 and have more time to connect when you register in advance!

Sorry guys, this event is just for women so please pass it along to women you care about ~


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