Great New Business Resource for All Long Island Businesses and Business People

In case you have not already heard;  there is a  GREAT NEW BUSINESS RESOURCE for all of Long Island Business people to take advantage of and leverage to their advantage. 

David Gussin, from 516 Ads, is not only a truly benevolent individual who’s highly charged spirit motivates and inspires us all, but now he’s gone a step further. David has created Long Island’s #1 resource for businesses. By leveraging the technology which is available today David has managed to create a platform which not only serves his clients for advertising purposes, but it also enables both clients and non-clients to come in to this “On-Line Community” to explore, share & care. People can go to his site and see who and what people are doing and connect with them in many ways. By allowing people to post, videos, photos, blogs, chat, discussion forums etc. he has created a true, and virtual, extension of the face to face networking which most, if not all, business people are accustomed to. The technology affords all of us the ability to extend the scope, reach and power of our business connections exponentially. This is a perfect example of Technology being utilized to drive business, not just for the sake of having cool technology.

Everyone should run, not walk, to David’s site and sign up as a member. It’s worth the very miniscule investment as part of your marketing budget, and your business stands to gain considerably from it. What could be better than advertising & networking all in one place right from your office desk? In this modern era of technology driven solutions I believe that David has created something so unique and powerful by enabling everyone to benefit from extended social interaction using cutting edge tools which we are all familiar with already. It is definitely worth the look see.

Good luck and I’ll see you on!

Best regards,

Jeff Bitsimis

F6 Digital


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