Free Long Term Care Insurance? Sound too good to be true? -

From: Salil Zaveri & Neil Zaveri

Free Long Term Care Insurance? Sound too good to be true?

It's VERY possible because if you are healthy and are already paying for life insurance, we can probably match your existing premium AND give you long term care insurance as a bonus feature. That would allow you to use death benefit while you are ALIVE to help you care for yourself in the event of illness, old age... The plan will help you save up to 90% or more of your own assets from being wiped out.

Put us to the COMPARISON TEST. Reply to this email with the best time of the day and phone number to call you. When we call, we will help you understand how you are missing out on very important long term care benefits by staying with your current life insurance plan.

This plan can be purchased by those who are age 21 through 80. Benefits can continue for a lifetime. Reply now and get the ball rolling towards improving your insurance without increasing your premiums.


Salil Zaveri
Neil Zaveri

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