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4 Tricks for Getting Business Lines of Credit

Acquiring business lines of credit can be crucial to ensuring that your small business thrives.

1.) Embrace Small Deals and Pay Back Quickly

While many banks will not be willing to extend significant lines of credit to newbies, your smaller credit line can actually be a boon. With less to pay back and more consistent…


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The benefits of working with a commercial broker

We work behind the scenes before you even call on us! We seek out lenders nationwide and prescreen them, build relationships with them and learn what types of products they have (this helps cut down on underwriting times for our clients because we understand exactly what will be needed for most transactions).

When a client shows interest, we will have an initial consultation to get the client’s story.  Once there is enough information, we will research the best possible providers and…


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Cash flow crunch?

Go ahead, bid on that next project!
 Have you been in business for years? Your credit is ok, but your bank will not provide the lending you need to expand and grow your company? Are you having to forgo bidding on the next job because you’re in a cash flow crunch?
What’s your story?
 Call today and let’s find you the working capital you need to take on…

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The Benefits of AR Financing

First, chasing payments from slow-paying clients can be expensive for a small office as it diverts the focus of at least one of their office employees and requires numerous mailings and other communications in many cases.

Secondly, payment collection can lead to problems between office staff and clients, and this can seriously impact the success of the business and their loyal customer base.

In addition to improved client relations and decreased office staff focus, the…


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Equipment Financing

We specialize in determining the best financing available for many types of commercial equipment — both titled and non-titled. We work with customers that have credit qualities ranging from A-D and offer a considerable amount of financial options. Call today to learn what your options are! 516.268.0350

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Non-Bank Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our non-bank commercial real estate lenders currently have some low rates!

  • Rates as low as 6.250%
  • Loans from $250,000
  • Terms are 5- or 7-year hybrid or 30 year fixed
  • The loans amortize up to 30 years!
  • Cash-outs are available
  • There is even a reduced document program (no need to show your taxes!)

This can be used for a new purchase, or to refinance your existing commercial property! Let’s see if you qualify! Call today!…


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Working Capital

Is this your busy season? Do you have some great cash flow currently? Did you know now is the best time to secure your working capital? Yes, it's best to secure your lending for the lean times while your cash flow is strong! Let's be sure you have what you'll need during the lean time of year! Call today! 516.268.0350

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5 year Interest Only Commercial Real Estate Loan!

I'm excited to announce the newest solution for your business: interest-only commercial real estate loans! The loan then transitions into a 25-year amortization schedule! With No Balloons! So, if you're looking to purchase a building or you'd like to refinance call today to learn more! 516.268.0350

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30 Year Vacation Rental Loans

Do you own or are you interested in owning vacation rentals? Are you having trouble getting the financing you need to refinance or secure that vacation property? We have a provider that can offer a 30 year fully amortized loan! That’s right, no balloon payment! This product can be used for 1 to 4 Unit properties, Single Family Residential properties, Condos, or Townhomes! Call today to learn more! 516.268.0350

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Focus on Your Finances!

Running a business involves an array of tasks in a given day, and the many jobs you must do may become overwhelming. Taking charge of your business accounting is an activity that deserves priority, since preventing your finances from falling in the red is essential to keep your business afloat. A few simple hints will keep your business finances healthy and will enable you to concentrate on essential duties, such as branding and growing your business.

  • First, set aside 15 minutes…

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Do you think you cannot get the lending you need?


Do you think you cannot get the lending you need? I had a client who had his primary residence in short sale pre-foreclosure and his investment property had its 10-year balloon payment due! We arranged to save his 7-family investment property with a bridge loan. This way he was able to clean up his personal finances and get into a better long-term lending product! Tell us your story, let's see how we can help! 516.268.0350

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Your Loan is never too big or too small

Your needs are never too big or too small for us. We have been able to take care of clients that needed working capital from $25,000.00. We have also worked on loans totaling $20,000,000.00. Call today and let’s review your needs and find the best loan for you! 516.268.0350

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Helping the Underserved Investor!

Rodino & Associates believes that property owners and investors are underserved by narrow and limited banking guidelines. We have access to programs that keep you in mind, our providers have offerings that bring more flexibility than traditional lending sources without charging the crazy, high rates a hard money lender would charge. We understand that every loan has a unique story and we’re ready to listen to your needs and guide you into a program that fits. Call today to learn…


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Are you looking to start your own business?

Do you want to start a business? Do you have experience in the industry? Do you have a business plan? Do you need funding? We just got an approval for a startup restaurant in just one day! Call today and let’s see about making your plan a reality! 516.268.0350

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Have you been rejected for lending?

Are you just starting your business? Is your business less than 2 years old? Has your bank declined your request for a loan? One of our most recent successes is that we assisted a startup business to secure the money they need for their new restaurant! Tell us your story and let us help you! Call today! 516.268.0350

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Cash Flow Getting You Down? Call Today!

Every small business can experience slow sales, urgent unplanned expenses, and other short-term situations where cash flow is uncertain. In situations like these, our providers can help you access some extra working capital that can mean the difference between closing your business or surviving the tough times and coming out on top. Call today and let's get you what you need! 516.268.0350

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Is your business debt making you nervous?

Are your business bills and debts catching up to you? Would you like to consolidate your bills into a lower monthly payment? Give me a call today and let's see what your options are! 516.268.0350

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Keep your Credit in Good Standing!

An important part of getting the affordable lending you need for your business is having a good credit score. Here are a few ways to keep your credit report in good standing!

  • The amount you owe contributes to 30% of your credit score. If you maintain a balance that’s less than 30% of the lending amounts your allowed it will help your score.
  • Always be mindful of your bills! If you notice errors on your credit report be sure to report and dispute them.
  • Pay your…

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Do you need Small Business Lending?

Tax season is upon us and this can bring extra challenges when applying for small business funding. If you are considering a small business loan, it’s particularly important to hit all the deadlines OR file for an extension and show proof of that filing. Do you need more information? Call today! 516.268.0350

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We look at the whole picture, not just the limited credit scores.

Often we receive clients in desperate situations, who at best do not have funds to grow and at worst are about to lose their business. They have been turned down by their local commercial bank because their business does not fit the very stringent lending criteria. We have programs that look at cash flow and ability to pay more than a credit score of guarantors. Our most popular program can also serve to build credit to the point of being able to obtain more advantageous loans in the future.…


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